Kitchen poetry

CAKEFRIENDS cakes and not just supposed to taste good. They ought to be fun, too. That's why you will find on every mini cake pack a short little poem or story – in concordance with the respective variety. To be continued…

LEMON VILLIAN / Love they made in a grove of lemons, unrestrained and wild/ Then he was swept away by demons – and she’s left with his child.

MARBLE DELIGHT / Take your marble cake in both hands, gently. Hold it to your ear and listen in. Do you hear its song of love?

CHOCOCOCOCOCOCOSMOS / Welcome to the chococococosmos. / Please find your seatbelts to your right.

APPLE BRAGGART / An apple is an apple is an apple. Without me, the cinnamon bragged, he will always stay just that – an apple.

CARAMEL WALNUT LUST / I’d be ready to make your dessert, she groaned with lust / whereupon the brute devoured her with root and branch.

THE RASCAL / Now between you and me, sister / whispered the Easter bunny /Do you believe in Santa after all?Schlitzohr