Cake is our great passion. It has always been this way. And since the cakes we knew were often just plain boring, we one day sat down to find out what we could do better. And how we could do it.

We wanted to create cakes that are delicious, fluffy, crisp and juicy. Cakes that are appealing to the senses and good for your health. Cakes marked by imagination and variety. And, most notably, we wanted cakes with nothing in them that doesn't belong there.

In short: cakes that are fun and that we like to eat ourselves.

To this end, we traveled around the world to find the best partners, the best suppliers and the best ingredients. Wed spin ideas and discard them again. Wed work on our recipes until they were perfect. In the end, we managed to optimize our methodology to such an extent that we would never shhht reveal the secret behind it. Under no circumstances! By the apron strings of our grannies!

Now look forward to our extraordinary cakes and our broad range of sweet and savory snack ideas. Treats to enjoy on your own. Goodies to share with your friends. Delicacies to bring as a present.