Remain seated! CAKEFRIENDS is coming. To your house. Or to your party.

Scenario 1: You are in the middle of doing your hair, ambling aimlessly about the place in your feel-good sweatshirt. Your favorite song is on the radio, you’re singing along wrong and loud, and there it is: KAWOOOM! Without the slightest warning. This ab-so-lu-te-ly unbearable craving for cake! Now! Immediately!

Scenario 2: It’s been a long night. Your mirror is tossing the truth back at you crystal-clear. You’re starving! You’re dehydrated. But to go out again with this face? That’s quite out of the question!

Scenario 3: The party is a hit. You’re having fun. So are your guests. The buffet, however, has shrunk significantly by now. “Tell me, love, you don’t happen to have any cake?”

And there you were thinking you had thought of it all.

Call a CAKEFRIEND! We’ll rush to your rescue! Delivering to your home. Your office. We’ll cater for your party. We’ll lighten up your birthday. We’ll even provide the deco. All will be good.