Our history 1

The birds of paradise represent one of the rarest species of birds and are predominantly native to the rain forests of Papua New Guinea. It is the cocks in particular that are distinguished by their conspicuously dazzling, colorful plumage. When it comes to successful advertising, we can but grudgingly acknowledge that this bird has perfected the art of seduction. 

 When the two brothers Dirk and Meyert Grootes established the Grootes company in the Dutch town of Westzaan in 1825, they started by grinding spices, corn and even lapis lazuli in a mill. Inspired by curiosity and pioneering spirit, the resourceful brothers soon discovered one of the most precious raw materials in the world – cocoa. In their day, cocoa was so valuable that it was exclusively reserved to the gentry. As early as 1844, the Grootes family consequently began to focus on the making of chocolate in order to win the aristocracy’s favor. Their strategy of seduction would prove successful. ‘Grootes fine Chocolates’ were soon caressing the palates of the members of the Austrian imperial family and Dutch royalty alike. In acknowledgement of the dazzling creature that was the heraldic animal of the home of the cocoa bean, which had endowed the founders with so much recognition and honor, the bird of paradise has henceforth adorned the family crest.